Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

What were you doing at 2AM this morning? Me. I was cuddling the sweetest most precious baby in my world. Some would say those early morning feedings are rough, and they are, but it’s my joy to nurture our son.

My son and I were apparently “up” for the night as sleep hid itself from us. Instead of pouting and becoming frustrated because I was missing out on sleep that I desperately need, I turned on the radio to the jazz station. Side note, those dearest to me know I love jazz. While some jazz artist aren’t making music to glorify God, the sounds of the saxophone or the spanish guitar slows my mind to focus on the Lord.

At 2AM this morning, I was enjoying myself in the Lord and my music. I looked over at my two men; one sleep and one in my arms. I smiled. Thanked God & danced in the middle of the floor. I sometimes imagine my most intimate moments with the Lord are with us dancing. No cares, no worries because I am in the Savior’s arms dancing the night away……..



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