The Wounds Of Friendship

This morning at work we had a discussion about girl drama in the elementary school of a student my coworker knows. Our discussion reminded me that I’ve never wanted to be hurt by people. Unfortunately most of my being rejected, made fun of and hurtful words came from “friends”.

After our conversation I read my devotion and guess what it was about….Yep, friendships! Two things stood out to me in my devotion; “there is no love without risk” and “Friendship knows the weaknesses are there, but chooses to love anyway. Every friendship has a price tag of some kind attached. We just need to get to the place where love covers the cost”.

This devotion made me think of the special ladies I have the pleasure of calling friends and our journey. There have been times when we’ve hurt one another and literally come close to writing each other and our friendship off. In fact we’re still building from the hurt.


It’s easy to run when you’ve been hurt or when you don’t want to deal with the weaknesses in a friend. This friendship hasn’t been easy, but we’re learning where love covers the cost and that’s JESUS. We’ve allowed Jesus to heal our brokenness and teach us how to love anyway.

Friendships are a great place to learn to love. Take a risk and don’t be afraid to share your life with someone or forgive and move forward in a friendship where they’ve hurt you. I did and it has blessed me tremendously!


Side note: The Ladies pictured are two of few people I call friends. I was reminded of these two in particular when I read my devotion. So to all my friends, I love you!


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