Is it just me or is life moving extremely fast?! There’s so much going on from home life, work life, friendships to hobbies, and I’m sure you can add to the list. Maybe this is what adulthood brings. I doubt it. Perhaps it’s something we bring upon ourselves. I can’t help but think God had much more in mind than running a rat race of life’s demands and wants.

I think of my adult friends and how they spend their time working hard, long hours at work, activities for their children, serving at their church, hanging out with friends, starting businesses, spending time with extended families, supporting organizations and/or friends.

I even think about my middle and high school friends. They aren’t exempt. They go to school almost as long as we work, do homework, serve in their church, extra-curricular activities, maintain a social life and spend time with family.

Yesterday as I traveled home from work my head was pounding from everything needing to be accomplished from work and the closer I got home my head was spinning from things I needed to finish at the house. Am I the only one? Do you experience this as well? How do you manage? My goodness! lol!

So for those who are in a similar situation of feeling swamped by life I thought I’d offer us a challenge. BUT that would be something ELSE to do. While I was driving yesterday I asked God, what do I DO? I’m overwhelmed and exhausted and I simply heard the word PAUSE. The deadline at work can wait an hour, along with the dishes, cooking dinner, having that important conversation, washing clothes and whatever else was on my to do list could WAIT!

Find time to pause today. I did. Yesterday I spent time in worship with the Lord. In fact I didn’t cook dinner, wash clothes or anything else. Oh, but I did finish the deadline for work. If man don’t work, man won’t eat, lol!

We may not be in a position to change things around us, but in the meantime find time to PAUSE!


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