Time Equals Time

Is it me or does it seem like with each passing year time feels shorter and shorter?! Perhaps I feel this way because of major changes in my life; marrying my man crush everyday (#MCE), working in full-time ministry and becoming the Mother to one of my greatest gifts from God. Life has this way of attracting responsibility, things & people to be involved with and sometimes just randomness. Now I know time hasn’t changed. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, if you will. However in the midst of my newer roles, fun and randomness, it seems my time with Jesus is being squeezed down to very little time if at all.

I don’t know you’re schedule, but if it’s anything like mine you’re longing for quality time, a “date”, a selah with Jesus. Some may be on the opposite end and are diligent to spend quality time with Jesus but for some reason the relationship is stale. I’d like to share and encourage you with ways I’ve learned to enjoy spending time with God.

1- Here’s the equation:
Any time + God = Closer relationship with Him. I had to come to the realization that my time won’t always be me lying on the floor, reading the bible and praying. I had to realize time with God is time with God….and that’s good!

2- Read a few chapter out the bible and pray.

3- Listen to a previous sermon from Pastors I enjoy hearing from (Matt Chandler, Steven Furtick, Charles Stanley)

4- Praying. I pray over my Husband, our Son, home, future & intercede on behalf of our family & friends.

5- Reflect. I will find a scripture and draw what I feel God is speaking to me. I ask myself what do I want God to do right now. What do I feel God is telling me to do. I also reflect on life.

6- Worship (Music). I play songs honoring God and praise & worship Jesus for all He’s done in/for my life.

I’ve enjoyed this new way to encounter Jesus. My life is busy but I don’t want to spend another day without spending time with Him. As a mother of an infant I’ve learned to not hold too tightly to things and to enjoy every second, every minute and every hour.



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