Another Year In The Books: 2014

Oh, 2014! I discovered more about me as a woman, wife and a new role, mother. Not all of what was uncovered were sweet smelling roses. In fact sometimes it smelled as offensive as the budding flowers in Georgia during the start of Spring. Yuck! However I look at myself, December 31st 2014, a different woman, changed. And I like it!

Here are a few highlights of the year that God used to internally raise me to another level.

*Better control of emotions
*Be honest without fear of losing relationships
*Recognized that small talk drains the crap out of me
*My Husband is indescribably THE most amazing man I know (after God)
*8.18 / Discovered one of the deepest loves, having a son. I “luh” my baby boy!
*Didn’t lose any friends this year and found peace in previous severed friendships.
*Vision, planning, environments that encourages relationship building and leadership are tools in my toolbox
*I’m not as structured and I DO have a creative bone or three in my body.
*Blogging: For many years I’ve tried to and now I’m not afraid. Boom, take that
*Give me JESUS all that other stuff, is just other stuff
*Preparation for next year

I’ve shared mine. What are your highlights? What have you learned, enjoyed?

I’m so pumped about 2014 and all of its awesomeness. It has been a great year. Now it’s time to turn the page, close the book and welcome 2015.




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