Get me “outta” here

Hi FMF! It has been a couple weeks since my last submission. My life the past month has been full. Nevertheless, on with the fun stuff, right?!

Oh, yeah, FMF? Five minute Friday. A community of people get together online and are given a word prompt to write on for five minutes. All heart, no editing.

Join FMF here:

Setting timer. Go.

I forgot to mention today’s word is: Visit.

After all of the terrible snow storm rumors, on and off freezing temperatures, I’m quite certain that I need to get “outta” here. See, I believe when God created the beach, He had me in mind. My heart, skin and emotions long for a visit to the beach.IMG_1818

Warm sun, crashing waves, sand between my toes, glistening skin, jazz pumping through my speakers and a fine man sitting next to me (my Husband, duh!) are few of many reasons my face is long in this cold weather.

Mommy duty calls..Time’s up!

Ready to wear my sunny g’s,



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