There was a slight hiccup the past few months. Life is so unpredictable and busy. Now that I’ve got my groove back, ok, not really, but I feel like the family is reaching a nice flow so I’m back!

Have you ever had moments where you set out to do something but forget what you were supposed to do? It’s so crazy and funny at the same time, but I do that with writing (on the blog). It’s almost like I have stage fright. We’ll call it writers fright. All day I’ve come up with blog topics and other awesome things to share until I sit down with the computer in front of me. Everything in my mind disappears and I “run” off “stage” or in this case shut down the computer. My Husband often says “you’re doing too much, V”, and I think he’s right. The truth is my thoughts don’t have to be over-processed, my writing doesn’t have to be perfect or super deep. I just need to be me and that is enough!

Wow! That’s what you call an impromptu pep talk. Seriously, I hope you’ve found encouragement and in that will continue to press through to do and be the best you! Let no one including your fears and doubts stop you from your desires.



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