| Empty Space |

It’s important to make the most of our days. At least that’s what I attempt to live by. Each moment is an opportunity for me to do something whether it’s starting or finishing a project, calling a friend, organizing for the next day or even creating a game plan for the rest of the week. Almost every minute of my time is planned. I wonder why this behavior was learned because just five years ago it wasn’t like this. Life back then was low-key and fun. It was the “the good days”!

We live in a world where being busy is celebrated. We should spend significant time dreaming and doing the next big thing, and if not, we’re labeled as lacking determination. Life has become this rat race where we are always in competition with each other, be it internal or external.

This week has been…for the birds. Every single moment painfully busy, running around to complete tasks before it’s due date. My body is moving faster than my brain. I’ve been exhausted! I believe God came to my rescue creating a time to just relax this evening. I sat here and the words “empty space” came to mind. As I thought about this empty space I thought, how awkward. I needed to fill this space. In my mind I put a couch, rugs, flowers, pictures of my family and a coffee table with a pitcher of lemonade. My space had been filled.


I started to compare the empty space to my time. I’m constantly trying to fill my time similar to how I filled the room. I fill my “empty time” with purposeless, obscene amounts of social media and rearranging things that should be thrown away. The list is exhaustive……Why couldn’t the empty space just be empty. Why couldn’t I have enjoyed the space by lying on the floor, reflecting, enjoying life and the Lord?

What about you? How do you fill your empty space (your time)? I just imagine that if we enjoyed our empty space we’d receive solutions to our problems, be less stressed and more productive.

I plan to seek ways to create more empty space and hope that you too will join me.



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