Let me guess. Tomorrow?!

I love Fridays! Especially when I’m able to participate in #FMF. Five minute Fridays. It has been a while, so I’ll refresh the both of us on the deets. Visit Kate’s Blog for the word prompt then spend five minutes writing whatever comes to mind. 

What’s the Word: 


Tomorrow is my day off! I’ll finally be able to |fill in the blank|.

I don’t know about you, but that is common phrase I use. I live and wait to do something tomorrow. For an example, I’ve had the goal of eating healthier for a couple of years. What’s the hold up you wonder?..Tomorrow. Tomorrow always seems like a better day. Today’s calendar is full and what sense would it make to start eating healthier in the middle of the day. I’ll wait for tomorrow. The bad thing about waiting is forgetting I made plans to eat better yesterday. My today turns into tomorrow then tomorrow turns into today that eventually turns into tomorrow. How confusing! No wonder things take a while to get done. 

What is your |fill in the blank|?

I dare us to not live for tomorrow. Let’s live today, Friday, April 17th. Let’s not rob the beauty of what God wants to build in us and because of us for a better tomorrow.

Can you picture what this will look like? Honestly, I have no idea. I sat here thinking of something profound and came up with nothing. I have no clue how to picture something I’ve yet to experience; however, if I were to guess, I’d say the days would be more fulfilling and less likely to forget.



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